SCORE communication page set (UK) - SymbolStix version

By Jabbla
15-5-2020, 119 downloads

SCORE is a symbol based strategy that can be used at a very early stage to develop and increase language development, thereby facilitating and improving communication skills. This pageset has been specifically designed for the UK and is based on the SymbolStix symbol set

The SCORE strategy is research-based and it consists of a set of low tech communication boards, a more extended communication binder and a comprehensive communication page for Mind Express. The basic idea with the communication boards and the binder is to provide a set of communication aids that make the combination of core and fringe vocabulary as easy as possible. The materials differ in complexity but all have the same structure and similar positions of the words.

The most frequently used core words are consistently organised in a static frame around a dynamic block of fringe words. This clever setup gives the user access to core vocabulary at any time. Grammar functions are dynamically presented, based on the part of speech, and can be used to build grammatically correct messages. Learners and their communication partners use and practice with a set of selected focus words for a number of weeks, receptively as well as expressively, and in different contexts. The idea is that if the child’s language development is facilitated and subsequently improves, then the child’s communication skills will also improve. The availability of both low-tech and high-tech resources allows a multi model approach and supports modelling variation.

SCORE also includes extensive multimedia capabilities such as music, video, calculator, internet radio, youtube, sms, e-mail and camera. In addition, you can easily personalize SCORE with a custom color scheme, you can set focus words to temporarily focus on learning specific vocabulary and there are letter cards and phonetic letter cards available.

CURRENT VERSION (May 15 2020): 1.82

The SCORE vocabulary can be tried for free for 30 days.

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