For many years, people with communication challenges, caregivers, speech and language pathologists and teachers have relied on Mind Express for communication support. Mind Express is flexible and versatile software: it can be used for everyday communication and as a therapeutic and educational tool.

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By Jabbla
9-10-2019, 1050 downloads

A fully free complete text based communication system including: keyboard, custom phrases, contacts, phone calls, text messaging, email, calendar, lots of games, desktop control, music, video, calculator, pictures, notes, internet browsing, environmental control, YouTube and support for dekstop control of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Kindle, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint. On top of that you can personalize by choosing a different colour scheme, modify your start page, change access method directly, change keyboard layout, ...

For an adapted Amego version with a five row AEIOU keyboard: Click here

Latest update: 10 oktober 2019 (update YouTube)

Version of Mind Express is required for Amego to function properly!


Amego (IT)

By Jabbla
7-10-2019, 266 downloads

Un completo sistema di comunicazione solo-testo, ricco di opzioni e totalmente gratuito. Include: tastiera, database di frasi personalizzate/da personalizzare, rubrica contatti, modulo per fare telefonate e inviare sms, posta elettronica, agenda e calendario, numerosi giochi, controllo desktop, musica, video, calcolatrice, foto, note, navigazione Internet, controllo ambientale, YouTube, controllo da desktop di comuni applicazioni quali Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Kindle, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel e Microsoft Powerpoint. Inoltre permette di applicare vari schemi di colore, modificare la pagina di avvio, selezionare direttamente un metodo di accesso, modificare il layout della tastiera, e molto modo semplice, veloce e intuitivo.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 9 ottobre 2019 (attualizzazione YouTube)

IMPORTANTE: Per il corretto funzionamento di Amego, è necessario che la versione di Mind Express sia installata nel computer.


Amego (FR)

By Jabbla
7-10-2019, 739 downloads

Une solution de communication textuelle complète et entièrement gratuite : clavier, phrases adaptées, prédiction de mots, prédiction de phrases, contacts, appels téléphoniques, SMS, mails, agenda, un grand nombre de jeux, contrôle Windows, musique, vidéo, machine à calculer, photos, notes, internet, domotique, YouTube et soutien pour le contrôle Windows dans FaceBook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Kindle, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint. Amego est totalement modulable aux besoins de l’utilisateur : sélectionner un thème couleur différent, modifier les icônes sur la page de démarrage, changer de mode d’accès, modifier l’aspect du clavier, etc.

Dernière mise à jour: 9 octobre 2019 (mise à jour YouTube)

La version de Mind Express est requise pour utiliser Amego!


Amego (NL)

By Jabbla
9-10-2019, 1388 downloads

Een compleet gratis tekstgebaseerd communicatiesysteem: toetsenbord, aangepaste zinnen, woordvoorspelling, zinsvoorspelling, contacten, telefoongesprekken, SMS berichten, email, agenda, talloze spelletjes, desktop controle, muziek, video, rekenmachine, foto's, nota's, internet browsing, omgevingsbediening, YouTube en ondersteuning voor desktop controle van Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Kindle, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint. Bovendien is Amego volledig aanpasbaar als gebruiker: kies een ander kleurenpalet, wijzig de iconen op de startpagina, wijzig de selectiemethode, wijzig toetsenbord layout, ...

Laatste update: 9 oktober 2019 (update YouTube)

Versie van Mind Express is vereist voor Amego!